"Emergency is a sudden, generally unanticipated event that has the potential to profoundly and negatively impact a significant segment of the school population.

(Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board, 2001)

Yough School District is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students and staff. Each and every school in our district has safety plans in place for a variety of emergencies and, to ensure that each school continually meets our security expectations, security procedures are reviewed periodically throughout the year by our administrative team. Schools are required to practice the plans they have in place several times per year so that both staff and students have a complete understanding of what to do should a real emergency arise.

We are also very fortunate to have a strong partnership with local first responders, including police, fire, EMS, and other agencies, to assist us in providing a safe and secure environment for all students and staff.

Below are some useful resources that students, parents, and teachers may find beneficial in the areas of School Climate, Emergency Management Planning, and School Safety & Security.

School Climate

Bullying Prevention
The Center for Safe School's homepage.  Includes a downloadable bullying prevention toolkit and resources from the PA Bullying Prevention Network.

Bullying Prevention Best Practices (PDF)
A downloadable document full of bullying prevention websites and school climate information.

Pennsylvania Positive Behavior Support Network
The PAPBS Network's homepage.  The PAPBS Network, through training and technical assistance, supports schools and their family and community partners to create and sustain comprehensive, school-based behavioral health support systems in order to promote the academic, social and emotional well-being of all Pennsylvania’s students.

Safe & Supportive Schools
Safe and Supportive Schools supplies resources and exemplars to promote active student engagement in a safe and positive learning environment. Areas within the element include Engagement, Safety, & Environment.

Suicide Prevention Resources (PDF)

Student Assistance Program (SAP)
Yough's SAP program is guided by Pennsylvania's Student Assistance Program and is administered by the PA Department of Education's Division of School Options and Safety in partnership with the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs' Division of Prevention and Intervention and Intervention, and the PA Department of Public Welfare's Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

Emergency Management Planning

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)
The PEMA homepage includes links for disaster assistance, programs and training, school planning toolkit, Amber Alerts, and Emergency Preparedness Guide

Hazardous Materials Preparedness

All Hazards School Planning Toolkit

Chapter 10 (PDF)

School Safety and Security

Crisis Management @ Yough (PDF)
A brief overview of Yough School District's Crisis Management protocol.

Pennsylvania Department of Education's Office for Safe Schools:
Office for Safe Schools coordinates school safety and security programs, collection of the annual school violence statistics, coordination of anti-violence efforts, and development of policies and strategies to combat school violence. The office supports and provides technical assistance and professional development programs in the following areas and security-related activities to support school safety: crisis intervention, school police training, violence prevention, and social/emotional wellness and safety provides services to all local school entities:

Act 126 Child Abuse and Reporting Act

Safe Schools and Possession of Weapons (Purdon's Statute)

PA Dept. of Education's Dating Violence Policy Model (PDF)

Dating Violence Information and Publications

Traumatic Brain Injury:
The Pennsylvania Department of Health is committed to expanding public knowledge regarding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and increasing coordination and integration within existing service delivery systems, thereby enhancing the infrastructure needed to persons with TBI and their Families. To learn more about services available for individuals with brain injury and their families, please contact the toll free Brain Injury Help Line at 1-866-412-4755 and speak with a Brain Injury Specialist. Specialists are available from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday.

PA Dept. of Health Website (Information about Concussions & Head Trauma)

Sports-related Concussion and Head Injury Fact Sheet & Acknowledgement Form (MS Word)

Other Important Information

AED Defibrillators are located throughout all of Yough School District's school buildings. 

Trib Live Article- School Threat Makers & The Consequences

Yough's Security Upgrades in the News