Committee Listing

Committee Listing

Committees of the Whole:
Capital Improvements/Facilities

Standing Committees:  To Be Determined

Committee Chairman Committee Members
Finance/Budget Nancy McClaren Gregg Nogy, Allen Novacek
Negotiations Steve Kenderes Sondra Dull, Amy Ulander 

Sue Harvey

Ken Bach, Amy Ulander
Technology Amy Ulander Nancy McClaren, Allen Novacek
Building and Grounds Gregg Nogy Allen Novacek, Steve Kenderes
Transportation Sondra Dull Steve Kenderes, Nancy McClaren
Student Activities Gregg Nogy Allen Novacek, Sue Harvey
Curriculum/Wellness Ken Bach Sue Harvey, Sondra Dull
Personnel Allen Novacek Amy Ulander, Gregg Nogy
Liaison to Local Government Sondra Dull Steve Kenderes, Nancy McClaren

The following are Ad Hoc Committees as needed:

Tax Study:                                 

PSBA Representative:                TBD
CWCTC Representative:            Sondra Dull
WIU #7 Representative:             Linda Leghart

**The President of the Board shall be on all committees.