Facilities Department Contact Information

Mr. James Meyer                                                     
Business Manager                                                              
Phone Number: 724-446-7272 ext 1012                       

Mrs. Lisa Trayter
Director of Facilities and Transportation
724-446-7272 ext 1007

The Facilities Department at YOUGH SCHOOL DISTRICT includes 3 Maintenance positions and 23 Custodial/ Utility Tech which are part of the AFSCME Union. The Department is responsible for the repairs, upkeep and preservation of the District's five buildings.

Certified Workplace Safety Committee

The Workplace Safety Committee is always interested in hearing suggestions regarding safety in the School District. If you have a comment or suggestion, you can send a message to the Chair at: meyerj@youghsd.net

Or speak with any of the committee's members:

Tyler Dillinger

Sarah Surovchak

Angela Wilson

Andrew Sanders

Anthony Natale

Jenifer Skorvan

Bob Miller

Kim Tietze

Lisa Trayter

Dan Wilkins

James Meyer