The Yough School District is committed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all students.  The goal of this webpage is to save lives by educating our youth and parents on the truth about addiction and the deadly consequences of drugs and alcohol.

Together, with the help of students and parents, members of the Yough School District educational team strive to spread the word about the dangers of substance abuse our youth are encountering in today’s society.  

Yough School District is dedicated to the prevention of drug and alcohol misuse and abuse. It is committed to creating an atmosphere for positive behavioral change within the school.

Talking to your children about drugs and alcohol can be a scary thing. But, these talks are essential in keeping our students on the right track in the life. Every child will experience peer pressure throughout the course of his/her life with the greatest amount of pressure occurring during the elementary, middle and high school years. Drugs and alcohol do not discriminate. They do not target the “bad” kids. ALL kids are affected and, at some point, will be exposed to drugs and alcohol. 

It is important that the school, parents/guardians and members of our community work together to bring awareness to drugs and alcohol among our students. This is a rising problem not only in our own county but across the country, and talking openly with our students about the effects of drugs and alcohol is just the first step in fighting this rapidly growing problem.

Yough High School Escape the Vape Video

Treatment Information

Southwestern Pennsylvania Human Services, Inc (SPHS)

203 South Maple Avenue

Greensburg, PA 15601

Phone: 1-800-220-1810

*Offices available in Latrobe, Mon Valley, New Kensington, Greensburg

*Myriad of groups and individual counseling


Gateway Rehabilitation Center:

212 Outlet Way, Suite 1

Greensburg, PA 15601

Phone (724) 853-7300

*Offices available throughout the county and in neighboring counties

*Out-patient, In-patient and residential treatment programs


Greenbriar Treatment Center:

Full treatment facility



Westmoreland Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc.

1 Wendell Ramey Lane

Monessen, PA 15062

(724) 684-9000 ext. 4446

*Extensive services, resources, trainings and events


Outside In

*Treatment, recovery and prevention resources

PO Box 639

Greensburg, PA 15601

(724) 837-1518



Addiction Center
Addiction Center is your comprehensive addiction information hub. We are the definitive guide to the dangers of abusing alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs and more. We review top treatment centers to help you find the one that gives you or your loved one the best chance at a successful recovery.
Candle, Inc (Reality Tour)
* 3 hour interactive program that gives families the tools needed to reduce the risk of substance abuse. Executive Director: Mrs. Norma Norris 724-679-1788
Drug Free World
Intervention eBook
The Partnership for a Drug-Free America gives assistance for students and families searching for prevention facts and treatment options. Find answers to the following questions: What is a drug or alcohol intervention? How do I know for sure if my teen is using? How should I prepare for a talk with my child? How do I make sure the talk is productive? What if my child needs outside help?
Just Think Twice
Website for high school students that gives alternatives to drug and alcohol use. 
Kids Health
Prevention programs/information for elementary and middle aged students
Natural High Organization
A drug abuse prevention organization that helps youth discover, amplify, and pursue their natural high so they can say no to an artificial high. Natural high: an activity, art form or sport that you love to do and makes you feel good, inside and out. Everyone has a natural high.
Need Help? High School Reference Sheet
This is a reference sheet for Yough High School students and families
A documentary that features the battle of addiction as told by those whose lives were overtaken by drugs.
Pennsylvania Department of of Drug and Alcohol Programs
Commonwealth of PA resources and information
Real Life Real Issues Video
The Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Prevention and treatment website with a plethora of resources *Dial 2-1-1 for free health and human services information
Tobacco Free SWPA
Community and Education Outreach
Treatment Options/Facilities
This is a list of treatment options and facilities.
Underage Drinking Prevention Services
Teenage Drinking Prevention Tips for Parents and Underage Drinking Prevention Services
Westmoreland Community Action
Educational outreach in the areas of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention. Programs are free of charge!