• Most could be appropriate for all ages with some customization
  • Some are available only for iPads; some only for Android devices; and some for both.
  • Most are available in free versions, while others are available at a small cost. 
  • You can search for YouTube videos for directions and suggestions on how to use many of these apps.

Virtual Manipulative Apps to Teach, Learn and Practice New Math Concepts:

Virtual Manipulatives: Fraction, Decimal & Percent Tiles (iPad)

The Pattern Shapes App (iPad)

The Number Line App (iPad)

The Number Frames App (iPad and Windows)

The Number Pieces App (iPad) or Number Pieces Basic App (iPad)

Geoboard App        (iPad and Windows)

Apps for Practicing Math Computation:

Math Flash Cards *  (iPad)

Math Pro for Kids   (Android)

Mack Pack Flash Cards   (Android)

Sushi Monster (Scholastic)   (iPad)

Sky Numbers  (iPad--cost) 

Brain Tuner Lite  (Android)

The Math Master Free  (iPad)

Doodle Numbers  (iPad)

Math Evolve Lite  (iPad)  or Math Evolve Lite (Android)


Additional Math Apps Targeting Secondary and Middle School

Quick Graph  (iPad)
  • A powerful, high quality, graphic calculator that takes full advantage of the multitouch display and the powerful graphic capabilities of the iPad and iPhone, both in 2D and 3D. A simple, yet intuitive interface that makes it easy to enter and/or edit equations and visualize them in mathematical notation.
  • It's capable of displaying explicit and implicit equations as well as inequalities in both 2D and 3D, in all standard coordinate systems: cartesian, polar, spherical and cylindrical, all with amazing speed and beautiful results, which can be copied, emailed or saved to the photo library.

Apps for Creative Story-Telling, Writing, and Presenting

Example uses: story-telling and writing for an audience; demonstrating plot, setting, character development, conflict resolution; helping reluctant public speakers present to the class; helping students practice their fluency & language skills; brainstorming or storyboarding ideas before writing; draft writing; retelling, summarizing, and demonstrating learning; developing presentations and artwork; and creating your own ebooks.

Puppet Pals  (iPad) or  Puppet Pals 2 (iPad)


Sock Puppets (iPad)

Haiku Deck (iPad and Windows)  

Trading Cards (iPad)  or Trading Cards (Android)

  • Part of the appeal of trading cards is being able to sort them into collections. Have kids and teens build a collection of cards for characters from their favorite book, landmarks in their favorite city, events from a period in history they find interesting, or vocabulary words by school subject. Unique way to demonstrate understanding and build study aids.
  •  Click here for lesson plans with trading cards

StoryKit  (iPad)

ScribbleMyStory  (iPad)

Dragon Dictation 
  • A good voice recognition app.  Example uses: teach punctuation, begin draft writing, and practice reading.
Book Creator  (iPad--cost)  or  Book Creator  (Android--cost)   

Click here for additional apps for digital storytelling and movie making.


Suggestions for Kids and Teens from Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media rates, educates and advocates for children, parents and schools concerning media of all types.

Whether you've got an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, or a Kindle Fire, Their website has a ton of great app suggestions for your kids and teens. Just look up your device, and you'll see picks arranged by age groups.

Suggestions for Special Needs from Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media rates, educates and advocates for children, parents and schools concerning media of all types.  Click here for apps in these special needs categories, by level: communication, social skills, motor skills, organization, reading & writing, and mathematics.

Apps to Augment Communication

These apps were designed to meet the communication needs of individuals of all ages.  Example uses: communicating; social stories; cognitive retraining; vocabulary development; improving literacy; teaching English; scripting events; developing independent living skills; following directions; increasing comprehension; creating and following schedules; creating memory tools and educational games.

Click n'Talk  (iPad--cost)


  • To enhance function of the app for a variety of populations, customization features allow the user to:
  1. Import personal photos or web images,
  2. Create novel text presentation
  3. Record a verbal message 
  • Example from a user of this app:  “In ten minutes, I created a simple communication board for snack time using Talk'n Photos. You can add text and audio to the picture. Each photo is 2x2 which is quite standard. You can use your own photos or import from the web.  The grids are three across and unlimited vertically. I added messages with "I want" along with the name of the food. When you select a message, the screen stays on the grid page.  To leave an album, an arrow at the top is selected. As a communication device, this is an easy, affordable start.”

Talk'n Photos (iPad--cost)

  • Talk'n Photos is a simple-to-navigate talking photo album. Completely customizable, this app allows you to add text and voice recording to album covers as well as each entry (picture) within an album. Photos or symbols may be uploaded from your camera, taken with your iPad/iTouch/iPhone or downloaded from a large number of free clip art/photo art web sites.
  • Each photo appears in a 2x2 inch representation with unlimited albums and pages. Editing allows you to move, rotate, scale and re-sequence photos. Users create grids of three pictures horizontally and unlimited choices vertically. For example, an album cover may consist of an empty plate and verbal cue such as “I’m hungry”. Once activated, album contents could include photos of favorite food items.
  • Customized recordings allow the user to record single words or entire phrases to communicate the desired message. Simple navigation once inside the album consists of an arrow leading back to the initial album covers. This feature allows for easy navigation and prevents the user from becoming lost or confused by multiple interconnecting pages. Editing may be locked in order to prevent unwanted changes to programming. Your password, should you set one, will be emailed to the address of your choice. 

Dragon Dictation  (iPad)

  • A good voice recognition app.  Example uses: teach punctuation, begin draft writing, and practice reading.


Click here for a more extensive list of communication apps with prices and availability for Apple iPad or Android.