100 - Programs

100-Strategic Plan.pdf  

101-Mission Statement.pdf  

102-Academic Standards.pdf  

103-Nondiscrimination In School and Classroom Practices.pdf 


104-Nondiscrimination In Employment and Contract Practices.pdf  


105-Curriculum Development.pdf 

105 1 Curriculum Review by Parents Guardians and Students.pdf  

 105 2-Exemption From Instruction.pdf 

106-Guides for Planned Instruction.pdf  

 107-Adoption of Planned Instruction.pdf

108-Adoption of Textbooks.pdf  

109-Resource Materials.pdf 

110-Instructional Supplies.pdf  

111-Lesson Plans.pdf  

112-Guidance Counseling.pdf  

113-Special Education.pdf 

113 2-Behavioral Support.pdf  

 113_3-Independent Educational Evaluation.pdf 

113_4-Therapeutic Support Services and Behavioral Support Consultants.pdf  

 114-Gifted Education.pdf  

115-Vocational Technical Education.pdf  


117-Homebound Instruction.pdf 

118-Independent Study.pdf 

119-Current Events.pdf  

 121-Field Trips.pdf  


122-Extracurricular Activities.pdf  

123-Interscholastic Athletics.pdf 

124-Summer School.pdf

125-Adult Education.pdf 

 126-Class Size.pdf  



137-Home Education Programs.pdf 

137 1 Extracurricular Participation by home Education Students.pdf  

138-Limited English Proficiency Program.pdf  

140-Charter Schools.pdf  

140 1 Extracurricular Participation.pdf  

 142-Migrant Students.pdf  

143-Standards For Persistently Dangerous Schools.pdf  

144-Standards For Victims of Violent Crimes.pdf  

146-Student Services.pdf 

200 - Pupils

200-Enrollment in District.pdf 

201-Admission of Students.pdf 

202-Eligiblity of Nonresident Students.pdf  

203-Communicable Diseases and Immunization.pdf 

203 1-HIV Infection.pdf  


205-Postgraduate Students.pdf  

206-Assignment Within District.pdf 

207 - Confidential Comunications of Students.pdf  

 208-Withdrawal from School.pdf  

209 Health Examinations and Screenings.pdf  

210-Use of Medications.pdf 


210-Attachment-Form A.pdf 

210-Attachment-Form B.pdf 

210 1 Possession and Use of Asthma Inhalers.pdf  

210 1-Attachment.pdf 

210 1-Attachment-Form B.pdf 




211-Student Accident Insurance.pdf  

212-Reporting Student Progress.pdf

213-Assessment of Student Progress.pdf  

214-Class Rank.pdf  

215-Promotion and Retention.pdf 

215-Attachment 1.pdf  

 215-Attachment 2.pdf 

216-Student Records.pdf 

216 1-Supplemental Discipline Records.pdf  

216 2-Electronic Multimedia Imaging and Recording EMIAR.pdf  

217-Graduation Requirements.pdf 


218-Student Discipline.pdf 


218 1-Weapons.pdf 

218-1-Attachment 1.pdf 

218-1-Attachment 2.pdf  

218-1-Attachment 3.pdf  

218-1-Attachment 4.pdf  

218-1-Attachment 5.pdf 

218 2 Terroristic Threats and Acts.pdf  

218 3-Academic Integrity.pdf  

219-Student Complaint Process.pdf  

220 Student Expression and Distribution and Posting of Materials.pdf 

221-Dress and Grooming.pdf  

222- Tobacco Use.doc  

223 Motor Vehicles Skateboards and In-Line Skates.pdf 

224-Care of School Property.pdf  

225-Relations With Law Enforcement Agencies.pdf  


227 Controlled and Noncontrolled Substance Abuse and Paraphernalia.doc 



227 1 Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Student Drivers.pdf  

227 1-Attachment.pdf 

228-Student Government.pdf  

229-Student Fundraising.pdf  

230-Public Performances by Students.pdf  

231-Social Events and Class Trips.pdf 

232-Student Involvement in Decision-Making.pdf  

233-Suspension and Expulsion.pdf 

234 Pregnant and Married Students.pdf  

235 Student Rights and Surveys.pdf  

236-Student Assistance Program.pdf  

237-Electronic Devices.pdf  

239-Foreign Exchange Students.pdf  

240-Endowed Scholarships.pdf



240 3-Anthony Lovato Athletic Scholarship Fund.pdf 

246-Student Wellness.pdf  


248-Unlawful Harassment.pdf

248-Attachment 1.pdf  

248-Attachment 2.pdf  

249 Bullying and Cyberbullying.doc  

249-Attach A.pdf 

249-Attach B.pdf 

250- Student Recruitment.pdf 

251-Homeless Students.pdf 

300 - Employees

301-Creating a Position.pdf  

302-Employment of Superintendent.pdf  

304-Employment of District Staff.pdf 

305-Employment of Substitutes.pdf 

306-Employment of Summer School Staff.pdf  

307 - Student Teachers and Interns.pdf  

308-Employee Contract and Board Resolution.pdf  

309-Assignment and Transfer.pdf  

310-Abolishing a Position.pdf 

311-Suspension and Furloughs.pdf  

 312-Evaluation of Superintendent.pdf  

313-Evaluation of Employees.pdf  

314-Physical Examination.pdf  

314 1-HIV Infection.pdf  

316-Nontenured Employees.pdf  

317-Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures.pdf  

317 1-Attachment.pdf  

317 1-Suspected Misconduct and Dishonesty.pdf  

318-Penalties for Tardiness.pdf  

319-Outside Activities.pdf  

320-Freedom of Speech in Nonschool Settings.pdf

321-Political Activities.pdf  


323 - Tobacco Use.doc  

324-Personnel Files.pdf  

325-Dress and Grooming.pdf  

326-Complaint Process.pdf  

327-Management Team.pdf  

328-Compensation Plans and Salary Schedules.pdf  


331-Job Related Expenses.pdf  

332-Working Periods.pdf  

333-Professional Development.pdf  

334-Sick Leave.pdf  

335-Family and Medical Leaves.pdf  

336-Personal Necessity Leave.pdf  

337-Vacation.pdf  338 1-Compensated Professional Leaves.pdf  

338-Sabbatical Leave.pdf  

339-Uncompensated Leave.pdf  

340-Responsiblity for Student Welfare.pdf  

341-Benefits for Part-Time Employees.pdf  

342-Jury Duty.pdf  343-Paid Holidays.pdf  

 343- Paid Holidays.pdf 

344-Legal Assistant.pdf  

348-Unlawful Harassment.pdf  



351-Drug and Substance Abuse.pdf 

354-Pre-Employment Drug Testing.pdf