Welcome to the Yough School District!

The Yough School District is very proud of its strong academic programs, excellent teaching and administrative staff, and wide array of opportunities to help our students flourish. 

Our mission in the Yough School District is to provide all students with a 21st Century learning experience in a collaborative and supportive environment. Please take time to explore our website to view the many challenging academic experiences we offer and the numerous accomplishments and contributions of our students, staff, and families.

Entering any new school can be a challenging time for children; in the Yough School District our doors are always open to help assist you in any way possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your building administration at any time.  Your role in the learning experience is critical and your support is necessary for us to provide your child with a world-class educational opportunity. 

Enrollment Instructions

To complete enrollment, an appointment with the district registrar is necessary to present all of the required documents and completed forms. For 2020-2021 Kindergarten registration, scroll down below.


Kindergarten Registration

Do you live in the Yough School District and have a child who will be 5 years old by September 1, 2020? Enrollment packets are available at your local Elementary School or Central Administration Office. Please bring 2 proofs of residency, the birth certificate, and immunization records to pick up a packet and make an appointment to complete the registration process by attending the listed K Screening Day. 


Mendon Elementary, Ruffs Dale   

724-872-6484, x4000

K Screening: May 15, 2020


West Newton Elementary, West Newton 

724-872-5877, x6000 

K Screening: May 18, 2020


H. W. Good Elementary, Herminie  

724-446-5503, x5000

K Screening: May 19, 2020



Required Documentation

(Click on any underlined document title below to access and print)

In order to legally enroll your student and prior to the student’s beginning school, it is required that the following items be presented upon your enrollment visit to the Yough School District Administrative Offices:  

        Original Birth Certificate verifying proper name and as proof of birthdate

         Two Original Proofs of Current Residency


mortgage or lease agreement    /   drivers license   /   auto registration  /  utility bills  / 
tax statement   /  check stub (wage, public assistance or social security)

Please note:  If you and your family are residing with another district resident (i.e., you are “multiple occupants”) you need to establish residency by having the resident owner or lessor of the property/apartment complete the  Certif of Multiple Occupancy form.

         Immunization Records:  letter on vaccines 

        Completed Enrollment Packet: 

      If student is not residing with a biological parent, one of the following will be needed:

      For transferring students only: 

  •     The   Act 26 AFFIDAVIT  completed and notarized verifying whether the student has ever been suspended or expelled for an act regarding weapons, drugs or alcohol or for violence to persons or property. The affidavit must be notarized.
  •     Request Release of Information  :  used by Yough School District to request your student’s records from the previously attended school.

     The School Health Laws of Pennsylvania provide for required periodic health examinations of all

  • Physical examinations are required upon entrance to school and promotion to 6th and 11th grades.
  • Dental examinations are required upon entrance to school and promotion to 3rd and 7th grades. 

Therefore, entering kindergarten students will need these required exams.  For transferring students, when the health records received from the previous school indicate your child has not had the most recently required physical/dental exam, an exam will need to be completed. 

These examinations may be done by your family physician/dentist at your expense, or may be completed by the school physician/school dentist at the expense of the school district.

If you prefer your own physician/dentist to complete an examination as required, please take the following forms with you to the exam for the physician/dentist to complete:
 dental form for your own dentist 

Thank you for your assistance in providing this required documentation. Please contact us if you have any questions, by phone 724-446-7272, x1000 or email wojciechowskid@youghsd.net


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 Homelessness - Guide for Parents Pamphlet